Antonio Benítez-Burraco

I work at the Universidad de Huelva and I’m biologist and linguist. My research is focused on the biological foundations of the language faculty and the evolution of language.

I’m interested in evolutionary processes responsible for the emergence of language in modern humans. I have published on genes involved in the regulation of the neural substrate of language.  I’ve conducted as well research on language deficits in people afected by developmental disorders (Parkinson disease, Williams syndrome).

I like slavic languages and I’ve published on Polish and Russian literature. I have compiled anthologies of Polish poets Ewa Lipska, Jerzy Liebert, Jan Twardowski, Stanislaw Baranczak,  and Józef Baran.

Fully detailed information about my scientific work at the Universidad de Huelva and at Oxford University can be found here.

My publications can be browsed here.